By Students, For Students

Rize was founded on the idea that getting real work experience should be easier for everyone. Opportunities should not only be available during specific seasons, in certain industries, and most importantly, to certain individuals. Rize allows students to work anywhere, anytime, creating a supportive community focused on the advancement of both students and businesses.

our mission

empowering win/win student-business relationships

Our mission is to expand access to paid, short-term, goal-oriented experiences for students by allowing them to work anytime, anywhere. We strive to provide businesses with the opportunity to explore a diverse talent pool while saving time, money, and resources.

why rize?

Student Benefits

  • Presents year-round paid job opportunities to ensure students get experience whenever best suits them
  • Allows students to try out a variety of different projects within different industries
  • Forms personal connections and working relationships with professionals
  • Creates tangible outcomes and deliverables from the work experience
  • Provides creative and productive outlets for excess student time and energy
  • Furthers professional development and preparedness for the job market

Business Benefits

  • Creates a more cost, time, and resource-efficient way to utilize student talent
  • Alleviates compensation stress – allows businesses to pay a flat project fee
  • Eliminates the requirement for an expensive, full-time internship program
  • Forms a direct line to students who are soon to enter the workforce
  • Promotes company outreach and mentorship
  • Challenges businesses to think about their future needs and how to achieve their goals

our values

Whenever we find ourselves drifting from our focus, we look to our values as reminders of why we are doing what we are doing. These values are the foundation of our platform and we believe they will help guide us as we grow.

  • Creativity – seek a greater experience, keep your mind engaged and active, never shy away from the opportunity to be creative. This is a new process for everyone, but we are not afraid to dive in headfirst and test out the waters.
  • Teamwork – teamwork is at the core of professional development. Our team, our community, and our network is focused on how we can all work better together.
  • People-centered – put the client first. We are dedicated to advocating for our students and our businesses. This means emphasizing fair student pay and opportunities, as well as promoting goal-directed behavior from businesses.
  • Passion – take the time and opportunity to find something you enjoy doing. We would not be here without our passion to help students, support our networks, and instill change.