Blog Post Writer

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will write 12 blogs for Compost’d to increase awareness and exposure for the brand. Compost’d sets out to teach people about composting and the circular economy as a whole (the practice of turning waste outputs back into inputs). We do so by inspiring people to shop secondhand or local, embrace creative ways to not waste food, and make sustainability affordable and chic. To get a better sense of what we’re about check out our Instagram at @compostdllc.

The blogs will range from 600-1000 words each and will cover topics around sustainability outlined by the manager such as composting ranging from tips and tricks to brand reviews and more! The manager has 12 topics lined up but is more than open to additional ideas. The Rizer will match brand voice and culture by reviewing existing work. The tone is somewhat designated already (think direct, opinionated, creative, passionate, and engagingly sarcastic). Creativity is welcomed!

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is an experienced writer and is passionate about Compost’d’s mission. The Rizer is detail-oriented and is open to criticism and critique.


12 blog posts prepped and ready prior to the March launch date. Increased digital presence and consistent engagement. Educate target audience on the various ways to engage in environmental sustainability. There may be an opportunity for expansion of responsibilities, sharing of ideas, editing, and continued engagement.

Timeline Detail

6 weeks or as soon as completed