Branding & WordPress Development

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will revamp the Sealco website to create a stand-out web presence. The Rizer will utilize their creativity to update the Sealco branding, help to increase SEO, and make a more engaging and visually pleasing website. The Rizer will have plenty of creative freedom and should come prepared to execute ideas. This is a great opportunity for the Rizer to work on branding and creativity through their WordPress skills.


Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is a self-starter and enthusiastic. The Rizer will take initiative to utilize their skills in WordPress, basic knowledge of other coding languages is a plus. The Rizer works well in a team setting, knows how to take constructive criticism, but also knows how to work independently. The Rizer should be passionate about using their computer skills to create visually pleasing and engaging websites.  


Sealco will gain an updated website that sets them apart from their competitors. The Rizer will have an incredible opportunity to work with the Sealco marketing team and boost their portfolio. The Rizer will be able to implement design and coding ideas. If successful, the Rizer may engage in further discussion with Sealco regarding marketing strategies or continued website work.  

Timeline Detail

6 weeks, 8 hours a week. Weekly check-ins with Sealco project director. $20/hour