BypassLines Campus Ambassador

Project Overview

Project Overview:

During this project, the Rizer will work with BypassLines, a New Orleans-based company that supports local businesses while giving back to charitable organizations. 


As a campus ambassador, you will connect with student-led organizations at designated campuses to promote BypassLines and encourage the students to sign up the businesses they’re interested in on the platform. Along with connecting with students, you will also reach out to the university eateries, merchants, and nearby businesses to grow the BypassLines network.  Each time you onboard a student led organization and/or merchant we would love for you to capture the moment by taking a picture or video. We will use it to further market the program in a post, ad, etc.  


This is a great starter project for students interested in trying out Rize and learning more about a business’s sales process!


Seeking students from universities in the Greater New Orleans area.

Ideal Student

Ideal Rizer: The Ideal Rizer should have a go-getter attitude with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The Rizer should have strong organizational and time management skills along with the ability to work independently and with a team. Lastly, the Rizer should have an entrepreneurial spirit and be passionate about growing a business that gives back to the community.    



  • Increased merchants, businesses, and universities that utilize the platform
  • Increase the number of universities, student-led groups that actively engage with the platform
  • Help facilitate more student group percentage nights

Timeline Breakdown

Start Date: June 1 End Date: July 14

6 weeks, 10 hours a week

Week 1: Onboarding - learn more about BypassLines and receive relevant collateral, e.g., script, fliers, etc. Compile a holistic list of on campus organizations that would benefit from utilizing BypassLines.

Week 2: Pitch BypassLines to the student organizations you work with / relevant org. Officers (fundraising, outreach, etc.)

Week 3: Reach out to a minimum of 10 campus orgs/week and set up a time to chat. Reach out to a minimum of 5 local businesses/ week. Ideally for every interested organization there will be a corresponding restaurant.

Week 4-6: Repeat process in week 4 until end of project!

Week 6: Close out - come prepared with data on the number of organizations and businesses you reached out to, as well as how many were successful and why!