Catalog Layout & Design

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will update the existing design and layout for Inspired ADUs plan set catalog. This catalog includes floor plans, design features, and layout features for 45 different ADU (accessory dwelling units). 



  • Create 3-4 page layout templates (the current file only has one page layout, older attached pdf has several)
  • Update existing 45 plans and add in the 20 new designs, updating coordinated logo, data, and copy
  • Determine best page order and organization strategy for optimal user experience



Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is detail-oriented, precise, and a problem-solver. The Rizer has experience using Adobe suite and is excited to share their opinions/best practices. The Rizer is passionate about architecture and/or has experience in magazine/newspaper layout!


The Rizer will create a visually pleasing, well-organized, and updated plan catalog for Inspired ADUs. The Rizer will further develop their InDesign and critical thinking skills, while receiving valuable feedback from the Inspired ADU team.

Timeline Detail

10 - 12 hours per week, or as soon as project is completed    WEEK 1: Intro meeting, Rizer reviews existing catalog and begins developing 3-4 templates. Recommend changes: re images all moved to Adobe Cloud, links to be PDFs vs AI to keep file smaller, etc. WEEK 2: Check-in meeting, feedback on layout templates. Make necessary adjustments until templates are approved! WEEK 3: Determine an organizational strategy and comparison strategy for the content pages. WEEK 4: Check-in meeting. Implement organizational strategy. Update layout for all 65 plans WEEK 5: Finalize catalog organization, layout, design, and copy WEEK 6: Close-out meeting. Finish any last adjustments.