Client Discovery

Project Overview

CARES™ Certification is the leading benchmark in providing individuals, businesses, and organizations, a trust-worthy credential for action planning in building diversity, equity, and inclusion among its stakeholders. 


During this project, the Rizer will bring their personal industry interests to the table, and identify companies that could benefit from social justice training and initiatives. The Rizer will work to identify the potential client’s problem/pain points and how the CARES™ Certification would be beneficial to them. 

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is passionate about US2’s mission of building more equitable and inclusive businesses and schools. The Rizer is creative, professional, and passionate. Because there is no one target sector, the Rizer should be prepared to share their passions and interests and how that industry may benefit from the CARES™ Certification. The Rizer is outgoing, reliable, and comfortable speaking in a professional environment.


The Rizer will develop their professional skills, while contributing to US2’s mission. The Rizer will have the opportunity to explore industries of their interest as well as communicate directly with potential clients. If successful, this could lead to an ongoing position.  

Timeline Detail

6 weeks, 6-10 hours a week Week 1: Onboarding and client discovery - Work with the US2 team to identify industries and potential companies Week 2: Identify pain points - For selected companies, identify problem areas and suggest solutions, determine outreach channel (social media, LinkedIn, email, phone) Week 3 - 6: Continue contact - Facilitate connection and conversation through emails and phone calls. Encourage potential clients to consider getting CARES™ certified.