Communication Coordinator

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will promote the Foundation’s “Journey for the Living,” a turn-key solution for Mitzvah projects and fundraisers across the country. The Rizer will be responsible for reaching out via email and phone calls to JCCs, reform & conservative temples, and other Jewish organizations and communities. The Rizer will develop a communication strategy and template to work state by state promoting the fundraiser.


“Journey for the Living” is a 15-mile fitness challenge and Holocaust education fundraiser that represents the distance Mark Schonwetter had to walk in order to escape persecution during the Holocaust.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is detail-oriented and organized. The Rizer works quickly and carefully and is passionate about spreading the Foundation’s mission.


The Rizer will gain the opportunity to work closely with the Foundation while developing their writing and communication skills. If successful, this could be an ongoing position.

Timeline Detail

8 hours per week Expected start date: January 9, 2023