Conference Assistant

Project Overview

*in person, March 30, New Orleans*

During this project, the Rizer will be responsible for assisting author Mark Lewis at a business conference in Slidell, LA on Wed, March 30 from 8 to 5 at the East St.

The Rizer will be responsible for taking photos/videos and engaging with attendees interested in purchasing books and promotional items or speaking with Mark Lewis. Professional dress is required.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is professional and has experience client-facing and attending professional conferences. The Rizer feels comfortable in a professional setting and is good at conversing with others. The Rizer should have some experience taking photos and making TikToks.


The Rizer will be of great assistance to Mark Lewis and have the chance to be in a very professional setting. If the conference and photos go well, there may be an opportunity for future work!

Timeline Detail

Prep/Intro Day Conference Day