Content Calendar Creator & Social Media Planner

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will create an October content calendar for 3 of Corbec Media’s clients. The calendars will be designed for Facebook posting and sharing twice a week, following the 80/20 rule, pushing the company 20% of the time, and providing relatable content for followers 80% of the time. The Rizer will need to find photos/content, write lead-ins, and identify the correct hashtags to accompany the posts. The Rizer will have the chance to work closely with the Corbec Media team to learn more about each client, how the team runs the social media accounts, and work towards expanding their clients onto Instagram. This is a great opportunity to gain mentorship from the team as well as work hands-on in helping clients.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has strong visual and graphic skills, as well as writing skills. The Rizer wants to grow their knowledge of social media management and has a good grasp on Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Rizer is open to constructive criticism and looks to learn from the Corbec team. The Rizer should be able to work autonomously, but is not afraid to ask questions or for help.


The outcomes from this project will be 3-4 content calendars for clients. The Rizer will gain extensive experience and mentorship in social media management. The project is likely to lead to future projects related to instagram development.

Timeline Detail

8 hours a week Week 1: Onboarding with the Corbec team, familiarizing with clients’ industries and getting started Week 2: Find content for posts and shares for content calendar Week 3: Write captions, lead-ins, and identify hashtags Week 4: Review content calendars with Corbec team and make proper changes