Data Organization and Accounting

Project Overview

The Rizer will help organize financial data for Marigny Management, a New Orleans-based property management company, using Excel during this project. The student will use bank statements from five accounts with $250 different transitions each to help create income statements, group expenses and perform other relevant calculations. If successful, the Rizer will have the opportunity to work on future projects with Marigny Management!    


Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is detail-oriented, precise, and communicates well. The Rizer has experience with using Excel, understands accounting, and creates financial statements. The Rizer is looking to gain experience in the field and is passionate about helping small businesses. 


The Rizer will gain experience utilizing Excel and accounting practices to help Marigny Management better document and understand their business as they prepare for filing taxes. The Rizer will also be able to work with the company on future projects if the relationship is successful.  

Timeline Detail

3 weeks, or as soon as the project is completed Around 25-30 hours of work