Database Administrator

Project Overview

During this project the Rizer will work with Shoppa’s Material Handling, one of the fastest growing and most successful material handling dealerships in the United States. The Rizer will be working with the Allied and Systems Team to create an Excel/ SmartSheet database to track permit requirements by city/state. 

Permitting requirements/details vary from one city/municipality to the next. It is often time consuming to identify and make contact with the appropriate person at the city who can inform you if a permit is required and, if so, what the requirements are and how they should be submitted to the city for review. Once those requirements and details are identified through research (phone calls and online searches), the Rizer will store the information in a centralized location to ease the permitting process of future projects in the same city. The goal is to build the database in the most efficient/user friendly format possible.  It is recommended to use SmartSheet due to its integration into the other areas the company is using it, along with its automation features.  

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has experience with Excel and/or other similar programs and is analytical in developing databases. The Rizer does not need to be an expert in Excel or database creation but should possess basic Excel knowledge along with being a critical thinker.. This can be a remote or in-person project. If in-person, the Rizer should be from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


The Rizer will help Shoppa’s create a more organized database for city requirements on permits. The database will make the process of educating and working with clients more efficient.

Timeline Detail

10 hours a week