DEI Podcast Manager

Project Overview

During this project the Rizer will set up, prepare and manage a DEI podcast for JuriSolutions. The goal of the podcast is to educate, share tips, stories, and best practices with JURISolutions’ clients in order to improve their business operations and become more supportive and accessible companies. Responsibilities include…

  • Research creative and unique ideas for the podcast
  • Draft attention-grabbing podcast titles and descriptions
  • Edit audio in a comprehensive and digestible way
  • Prepare and produce monthly podcast episodes
  • Pitch segment and guest ideas
  • Work with social media intern to properly advertise and promote the podcasts 

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is creative, has strong communication and writing skills, and collaborates well. The Rizer is familiar with Adobe Audition or other audio editing programs such as Pro Tools. Additionally, the Rizer understands proper podcast formats and delivery methods for best engagement rates. The Rizer is passionate about DEI initiatives and educating!    


The Rizer will create a monthly podcast and educate clients on DEI practices.

Timeline Detail

10 - 12 hours per week Within the 6 weeks, the Rizer will produce at least one podcast, two if possible, and prepare for at least 3 more episodes.