Emailing List and Network Build Out

Project Overview

For this project, the student will gather and build out an emailing list for Doubletake within the HubSpot CRM software, based on current clients, connections, and potential clients. The student will have the opportunity to work very closely with the founder, Matt Deutschman, a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing professional, to discuss and develop a strategy for greater outreach. This project could lead to a future project of email list content creation and idea generation.

Ideal Student

The ideal student should be passionate about marketing and learning from industry leaders. The student should be confident in their networking abilities and have a strong desire to learn and help with business expansion. The student should be detail-oriented. Experience with HubSpot CRM is a plus, but not at all necessary.


The student will gain a lot of knowledge on the inner-working of the promotional marketing field, be able to provide input on outreach techniques, potential products, and future clients, as well as make a close connection with the company and founder to be considered for future projects. Because many of Doubletake’s top clients are colleges/universities, student perspective is very valued. A great initial project for the foundation of a long-term relationship.

Timeline Detail

1 week for onboarding, background on the company, and industry discussion 1 week of gathering current emails and finalizing a list 1 week of fine-tuning details of the contacts and where they stand in Doubletake's CRM pipeline