Culture Book Graphics

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will work with the PosiGen graphic designer to help create a Culture Book to be utilized by the legal department. The book is designed to highlight their culture, ensure cultural fits, and set expectations for potential hires. The Rizer will create 1 graphic for each of the 6 pages of the book (review link below for further details on each graphic). Once all graphics are created, the Rizer will assist PosiGen in creating a few holiday branded social media posts for April.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has experience using InDesign and is passionate about PosiGen’s mission. The Rizer works in a timely fashion and pays extremely close attention to detail.


The Rizer will have the opportunity to work closely with PosiGen’s graphic designer and create visually appealing and accurate content.

Timeline Detail

40 hours total 1 graphic per day Remainder time spent on creation of social media posts