Kickstarter Campaign Manager

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will create an audience, launch, and monitor a Kickstarter campaign to promote Ty’s new children’s books. Create a preview campaign to help build an audience for the launch. The campaign will launch by September 15, and the Rizer will manage it for 45 days to reach the Kickstarter goal within 48 hours. Post weekly updates to the Kickstarter Campaign to maximize engagement. The Rizer will use existing written and visual content for the campaign, create additional content if necessary, and create social media posts. The Rizer will help promote the campaign by sharing it with relevant investors, communities, and chats.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is familiar with the Kickstarter platform and passionate about helping parents understand the impact of words on how children see themselves. The Rizer is comfortable creating and posting on social media to reach the target audience.


The Rizer will support local New Orleans author and entrepreneur Ty Salvant, reach the Kickstarter fundraising goal, increase exposure via social media, and boost book sales.

Timeline Detail

Start date: ASAP ~8 hours a week Week 1: Connect with Ty to review the book and research the power of words on self-esteem, enhanced vocabulary, and inclusive publications. Create a list of potential customers (head start centers, schools, therapists, parent support groups, researchers). Prep and launch a preview campaign.  Week 2: Finalize campaign to go live in 2 weeks, work on committed backers list, engage ofter to motivate them to spread the word about the book Week 3-7: Manage campaign and social media posting