Marketing and Social Media Management – The Ohm Well

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will be promoting the Ohm Well through social media management, content creation, and outreach. The Rizer will be responsible for:

  • Posting consistently on Instagram and Facebook and interacting with followers
    • Focusing on personal stories of the founder and members
  • Engaging with users to create unique content
  • Creating flyers and brochures to be handed out in the local community
  • Conducting research on local businesses and organizations that could benefit from a contract with Ohm Well
  • Reaching out to publications to share what the Ohm Well is about and spread its reach

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is confident in their abilities to create content and manage social media accounts. The Rizer is outgoing, creative, and ready to develop unique campaigns. The Rizer MUST be in the New Orleans/Gentilly area!


The Rizer has the unique opportunity to help a small business grow through social media and outreach. The Rizer will develop their social media management skills holistically by helping come up with unique content and engaging with customers. Ohm Well will have consistent postings on its social media as well as a flyer and brochure to hand out around the community.

Timeline Detail

6 weeks: 10-15 hours a week Week 1: Meet with Ohm Well to better understand target audience, collect any existing content and begin planning posts. Plan a date for in-person attendance to conduct customer interviews and take photos. Week 2: Conduct a social media audit recording the beginning levels of engagement. Begin consistent posting and reaching out to publications. Begin creating flyer and brochure designs. Week 3: Finalize flyer and brochure designs with Ohm Well. Continue consistent posting and outreach. Research and connect with local businesses. Week 4 - 5: Continue creating content, posting, and engaging on social media. Continue consistent outreach to publications and businesses. Week 6: Record final KPIs and levels of engagement. Close out project.