Outreach and Promotion

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will work to promote Time with Ty, a lifestyle brand for a local author, speaker, philanthropist, homeschooling mom, and avid volunteer. Tasks include promoting upcoming events, the Women’s Retreat in November and the  Nonprofit Night in March, and securing additional speaking engagements, interviews, or guest podcasts. The Rizer will be responsible for reaching out to relevant businesses to sponsor the events and locals to attend. The Rizer will work with Ty to set sales and outreach goals weekly. The Rizer will also manage and facilitate email communication with potential attendees and business sponsors. The Rizer will use creative thinking skills to reach a new audience that would be interested in the events and Ty. The Rizer will create social media posts for Facebook and Instagram and ads for free print publications such as the Gambit, The Advocate online, and neighborhood newsletters or message boards.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is confident, professional, and outgoing. The Rizer is a creative thinker and will work hard to reach sales goals.


The Rizer will support local New Orleans nonprofits by promoting the event, consistently meeting sales goals, and boosting exposure for the event. If successful, this position could be renewed for ongoing engagement.

Timeline Detail

~8 hours a week Week 1: Review Ty’s website and Social Media pages to learn more about her. Schedule an hour-long interview to understand better who she is and her target audience and draft a plan to reach them. Add to the current list of businesses and organizations contacted about the event. (companies, organizations, individuals, etc.) and establish a sales strategy and KPIs to meet. Weeks 2-5: Facilitate communication, outreach, and promotion for the events, including but not limited to interviews and articles., consistently meeting weekly sales goals. Create additional marketing strategies as needed.