Photo Editing, Organizing, and Content Creating

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will create a user-friendly system to organize existing and future photo, video, and graphic content for Packaging Chic on Dropbox.

The content will be reviewed and moved to the new system by the Rizer.

The content is primarily used for LinkedIn and Instagram, falling into different content buckets

The Rizer will refresh old content through photo editing, include recommended hashtags and captions. Any content that is no longer relevant or effective will be moved into an “archive” folder for review.

The Rizer will also develop an easy way for this content to then be shared to social media (ie using a social media management system).

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is detail-oriented and a creative thinker. The Rizer will also have an eye for beauty and a high standard for details. The Rizer is patient and will work hard to create a system that will be useful now and in the future! Ideally the Rizer has experience with Canva or other photo editing platforms.


The Rizer will support the growth of Packaging Chic by making social media posting easier for the company. The Rizer will grow their organizational and problem-solving skills and identify successful social media posts.  The Rizer will learn about packaging!

Timeline Detail

Timeline Details: 6 weeks or as soon as completed Week 1: Onboarding meeting with Packaging Chic to get access to content, learn more about the company’s audience and social media goals. Review content and begin brainstorming organizational methods. Week 2: Begin organizing content to relevant folders and archive. Edit outdated photos, pull written content to make useful for future social media posts. Week 3: Continue organizing and editing. Add in notes for recommended hashtags and create search/filter abilities. Week 4 - 5: Finalize organization. Week 6: Set up close out meeting, explaining the organizational process and what was accomplished.