PR & Outreach Coordinator

Project Overview

The Rizer will be responsible for promoting Malone Consulting’s new group coaching program for women in leadership before its projected start date of May 4. During the project the Rizer will…

  • Create a marketing strategy to share information about the program with both current and potential clients
  • Work with the Social Media Manager (Rizer) to engage with potential participants
  • Reach out to influencers, organizations, newspapers, podcasters etc. to spread the word about the program
  • Refresh old content to create engaging email marketing campaigns with new language

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer works well with a deadline and goal in mind. They understand how to diversify content to target different audiences for the program. The Rizer is comfortable conducting cold reach outs to help promote the program. The Rizer is detail oriented and will come up with unique strategies for outreach and connection with influencers.


The Rizer will promote Malone Consultant Group's new program, supporting women’s advancement and development in leadership positions. Malone Consultants Group will receive a detailed and thought-out marketing strategy to encourage engagement and visibility of both the company and the specific program.

Timeline Detail

5 weeks, 6-8 hours a week Start Date: ASAP, need time to promote the program before the project May 4 start date of the program Week 1: Onboarding, get to know the company, develop marketing and outreach strategy Week 2: Collaborate with Social Media Rizer to create content and collateral to promote the event. Develop and send the first email marketing campaign. Week 3: Conduct outreach to networks, influencers, women’s groups etc. Continue working with social media Week 4-5: Develop and send the second email marketing campaign. Continue outreach and utilizing social media platforms