Advertising, Recruiting, and Strategy

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will research schools, organizations, and advertising techniques for the Jewish Community Center of Dallas in order to recruit teachers for the early childhood development program for the fall. Some responsibilities include…

  • Coming up with unique campaigns via social media to attract applicants 
  • Researching and contacting universities with early childhood education programs
  • Researching and contacting organizations that help to place educators or recent graduates
  • Researching best teachers and educators in Dallas via the internet and LinkedIn in order to help pinpoint specific people to recruit


Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is a clear communicator, organized, and creative problem solver. The Rizer is professional, ambitious, dedicated, and committed to researching to find and organize as many potentials leads as possible.  


The Rizer will develop their research and creative problem-solving skills. They will become more confident in their communication skills and be able to provide examples of solutions to problems. The Dallas JCC will have strong potential leads and even direct connections for potential hires.  

Timeline Detail

8-10 hours per week Start date as soon as possible