Public Relations Administrator

Project Overview

This quick-start project is intended to help boost knowledge, ratings, and press coverage of client and author Mark S. Lewis and his book Give a Damn. The Rizer will contact a given list of publications and share information about the author, his new audiobook, and his accountability pledge. This project allows the Rizer to use their sales and public relations skills in contacting publications, as well as gain great mentorship and learning experience with the Corbec Media team. This could lead to future projects with Corbec Media.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is quick on their feet, smart, and confident on the phone. The Rizer is determined, persistent, and organized. The Rizer is interested in forming a relationship with the Corbec Media team.


Following the completion of the project, Mark and his book will have proper exposure to the media and publications. The Rizer will gain great public relations experience and have the opportunity to work closely with the Corbec Media team.

Timeline Detail

Working 10 hours a week. Week 1 is the introduction meeting and project kickoff.