Quickbooks Updating

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will utilize their accounting and financing knowledge to review Ninth Ward Nursery’s Quickbooks to understand the current system in place. The Rizer will create a plan and instructions for a more organized way of classification. The Rizer will provide the owner of NWN with a “crash course” in QuickBooks and share best practices in order to be successful independently.

*Note: This project will be managed by Rize. The Rizer will meet with both clients, but report to their Rize Project Manager with any questions, progress reports, and feedback.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has a strong background in finance and accounting. The Rizer is proactive and is good at teaching. The Rizer can clearly explain their reasoning behind decisions and will work with NWN to help them be independent and successful.


The Rizer will support NWN as they grow and accept more clients and responsibilities. The Rizer will have the opportunity to develop their finance and accounting skills in a real-life situation.

Timeline Detail

2 weeks, 5-8 hours a week Week 1: Analyze current QuickBooks and devise a new written plan to classify transactions and expenses. Collect any necessary information from Mark, NWN owner. Week 2: Conduct "Crash Course" with Mark and share your recommendations of how to better classify items in Quickbooks. Share tips for how to be successful independently in QuickBooks.