Research & Program Creation

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will be responsible for researching and creating an incubator program for Trap Kitchen, a commissary kitchen space in New Orleans. The program will be designed for current clients of the Trap Kitchen as well as other food entrepreneurs. The Rizer will be responsible for…

  • Interviewing current Trap Kitchen clients to identify needs
    • Ie. target audience, ideal distributors, marketing requirements for success
    • Between 5-8 clients
  • Research incubator programs and collect ideas for best practices
  • Create client profiles and a final slideshow detailing specific needs for each company, then summarizing the most common needs
  • Establish guidelines and objectives for the incubator program
  • Clear timeline, future outlook, and monetization strategies

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer for this project is motivated and dedicated. The Rizer is a creative problem solver and is passionate about motivating small business owners to grow and connect with others.


At the end of this project, Trap Kitchen will have a clear outline for a potential incubator program to create. There will also be clear research information and profiles on current and potential clients.

Timeline Detail

Expected start date: Mid January 6 weeks, ~8 hours a week or until completion