Review and improve financial projections

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will double-check and reconcile the books/finances for an entrepreneur in the medical field. The Rizer will create thorough financial projections for the startup, consistent with financial expectations for startups and accurate enough to present to potential investors. Additionally, the Rizer will create a financial report of transactions thus far for the startup.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is confident in their abilities to reconcile finances and look at detailed reports. The Rizer is familiar with Excel and is comfortable going back through transactions. The Rizer should have some knowledge on the medical field in order to understand how to properly project finances and learn about the startup from the founder.  


The Rizer will form a great working relationship (potentially ongoing) with the founder of a startup. The Rizer will gain hands-on experience projecting numbers and paying extreme detail to financing numbers. The Rizer will create a true financial projection for the startup.

Timeline Detail

Start date: ASAP 2 weeks, 8-10 hours a week or until project is complete Hopefully we will work the financial projections over the next weekend and then after hearing back from the Lepage Center we can make some adjustments as requested.