Sales and Lead Generation

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to create a comprehensive and efficient sales process to facilitate successful business-to-business connections.

During the project, the Rizer will…

  • Develop an ideal target customer base
  • Sort through old contacts to identify potential leads
  • Develop a sales/contact process
  • Contact leads through engaging LinkedIn and emailing conversations, recording steps as you go
    • Helps to discover the close ratio of sales
  • Organize information utilizing CRM Microsoft Dynamics

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is creative, outgoing, and works well in a team setting. The Rizer should come ready with new ideas in order to maximize sales and the lead generation process. The Rizer works well independently and in collaborative environments in order to creatively problem solve. It is a plus if the Rizer has some experience with CRM systems or will work to learn.


The Rizer will gain extensive sales experience, be able to implement ideas within a company and collaborate to maximize company success. The Rizer will have the opportunity to work closely with the CEO. The business will gain a more expedited and detailed sales process as well as an organized CRM system. If successful, there is an opportunity for a longer-term engagement.

Timeline Detail

5 weeks, 6-8 hours a week Week 1: Onboarding and familiarizing with the company, culture, and goals. Identify target customer base and begin organizing CRM. Week 2: Brainstorm and create sales process, continue organizing CRM and begin outreach. Weeks 3-5: Continue outreach, recording the number of contacts a day and contact details.