Social Media and Content Creation Coordinator

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will manage, organize, and grow the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce’s social media presence and engagement. The Rizer will utilize Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts, posting 2-3 times a week. The Rizer will be responsible for creating photo and graphic content as well as creating occasional advertisements to be shared with local news sources.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has some graphic design experience and is comfortable managing and consistently posting on social media. The Rizer is a creative problem solver and will bring unique content to the New Orleans Chamber. The Rizer has some interest in learning about the New Orleans nonprofit and business community.


New Orleans Chamber of Commerce’s membership and events attendance will increase as well as its online presence. The Rizer will create additional advertisements using Indesign. If successful, this could be an ongoing engagement.

Timeline Detail

6 weeks, 10 hours a week   Week 1: - prepping!

  • Update all existing social media accounts
    • Consistent profile pictures, message, description, accurate website/contact info
  • Conduct social media audit
    • Check the number of followers, engagement levels, posts, best post etc. prior to beginning posting
  • Research and analyze competitors
    • Identify and document popular industry content, trends
  • Set goals
    • Work with employer to establish company tone, vibe for the social media accounts (colors and language), and set 3 tangible goals for social media engagement (ie 200+ more followers by this date)
Week 2:
  • Collecting content
    • Gather enough content for at least 3 posts before you begin posting
    • Use existing photo and video content, collect relevant articles
    • Utilize Adobe Indesign for content creation
  • Update followers, remove old irrelevant accounts, follow aspirational business accounts, potential customers, and other businesses you want to be associated with
  • Create a content calendar and plan out future posts
    • Establish a posting schedule - minimum 3 times a week
    • We recommend using planoly for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter
    • Or utilize the Rize content calendar template
Week 3:
  • Begin posting!
    • Engage with followers and accounts you’re following (liking, commenting, resharing etc.)
  • Continue developing marketing strategy
  • Plan and develop a marketing campaign
    • Giveaway, feedback etc.
Week 4-5:
  • Continue posting/schedule posts/ collect content
  • Execute marketing campaign
Week 6:
  • Continue posting
  • Conduct a closing audit
    • Did you meet your goals? Why or why not?
    • Document new levels of engagement, followers, and number of posts