Social Media Engagement Intern

Project Overview


  • Social media engagement internship for a lifestyle brand that uplifts young black girls/woman of color through motivational comics and workshops. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the lifestyle brand.
  • You will primarily be commenting, liking, and sharing post to stories of our followers. You will also be making creative stories, etc for our brand content to circulate traffic to the brand post through your personal account. Click the link to view our INSTAGRAM.
  • Must be able to share content from our FB page to other relevant groups to circulate traffic. Click the link to view our FACEBOOK.

Ideal Student

  1. Communications/PR/Marketing major
  2. Must be able to engage throughout the day for at least an hour at the 3 peak times (8AM-9AM, between 12PM-3PM, 6PM-8PM) for engagement on Instagram primarily.
  3. 1K+ followers, no explicit content on personal page, knowledge of IG stories, Reels, etc.
  4. Woman of color


  1. Knowledge of Social Media Metrics
  2. Social Media Engagement
  3. Brand Awareness
  4. Content Creation
  5. Networking via social media
  6. Analyzing insights

Timeline Detail

Week 1 - Week 2

  1. Contract Signing
  2. About PRIMPLIFE brand
  3. Social Media Training
  4. Test trial
Week 3 - Week 5
  1. Review of Test Trial
  2. Guided IG engagement
  3. Guided FB engagement
  4. Review of Guided Engagement
Week 6 - Week 8
  1. IG & FB solo run
  2. IG & FB solo run
  3. Review
  4. Critique

Additional Info

Email us at if you have any further questions. Thank you.