Social Media Management

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will be responsible for managing social media accounts for two small New Orleans businesses. The Rizer will utilize a post planning / management platform to stay organized and track engagement for each account. The Rizer will work on each business’s Facebook and Instagram account, posting consistently (twice a week) and promoting a few posts per account. Ideally, the Rizer is located in New Orleans and can visit the businesses to collect photos for content!

  • Barkode – lounge and bar
    • Create consistent branding and tone through photo content and graphics
    • Promote deals, connect with target users, and reach out to potential partners or customers
  • Ricard’s
    • Increase Facebook presence, highlighting special COVID offerings, and drawing people to the new website 

*Note: This project will be managed by Rize. The Rizer will meet with both clients, but report to their Rize Project Manager with any questions, progress reports, and feedback. Please do your best to answer the application questions given the limited online information about the businesses.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is ambitious, proactive, and has social media management experience or knowledge. The Rizer can create both graphic and photo content, will promote posts, and uniquely brand each business’s online presence. The Rizer must be open to learning and receiving feedback and has strong communication skills.


The Rizer will help boost the sales and engagement levels for Ricard’s, and Barkode. The Rizer will network with the New Orleans community and provide invaluable services to small businesses.

Timeline Detail

2 weeks of onboarding and training, then 10-12 hours a week for 6 weeks Week 3: Meeting with the clients and project manager, finalizing plans and goals for the project. Document initial starting point for KPIs and conduct social media audit. Rizer creates a budget proposal for how much they anticipate spending on promotions. Week 4: Gather relevant content. Update all social media accounts. Create posting schedule with graphics, captions, and hashtags. Begin posting asap. Week 5: Continue posting and creating content. Engage with followers and other relevant accounts.  Week 6: Continue posting and creating content. Midway check-in on KPIs. Week 7: Continue posting and creating content. Second reach out to organizations and relevant creators, magazines, news sources etc. Week 8: Final meeting with clients and Rize manager to formally present work and progress made on KPIs.