Social Media Manager

Project Overview

This position works on the creative side of marketing, focusing on target audience and increasing reach/awareness across platforms. The Rizer is responsible for creating a strategy across all SM platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter), as well as creating and scheduling posts, and engaging on the platforms with other industry relevant accounts. The Rizer is responsible for tracking account and website analytics and developing a plan to increase traffic to the website.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is creative and detail-oriented. The Rizer has some previous experience in graphic design or creating content. The Rizer manages their time well and feels comfortable managing all four social media platforms at once.


The Rizer will help increase JuriSolution’s online presence and create a consistent tone across all social media platforms. The Rizer will gain invaluable experience working with the team as well as managing all accounts. If successful, this project could continue into a longer-term engagement.

Timeline Detail

10 - 15 hours per week