Social Media Manager

Project Overview

Project Overview:

During this project, the Rizer will set up, manage, organize, and grow the business’s social media presence and engagement. The Rizer will utilize Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts, posting 2-3 times a week. The Rizer will be responsible for creating photo and graphic content.

10 hours a week

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has some graphic design experience and is comfortable managing and consistently posting on social media. The Rizer is a creative problem solver and will bring unique content to the business.


Increase digital presence and online engagement. If successful, there is potential for an on-going relationship

Timeline Detail

6 weeks, 10 hours a week   Week 1: - prepping!

  • Update all existing social media accounts
    • Consistent profile pictures, message, description, accurate website/contact info
  • Conduct social media audit
    • Check the number of followers, engagement levels, posts, best post etc. prior to beginning posting
  • Research and analyze competitors
    • Identify and document popular industry content, trends
  • Set goals
    • Work with employer to establish company tone, vibe for the social media accounts (colors and language), and set 3 tangible goals for social media engagement (ie 200+ more followers by this date)
Week 2:
  • Collecting content
    • Gather enough content for at least 3 posts before you begin posting
    • Use existing photo and video content, collect relevant articles
    • Utilize Adobe Indesign or Canva for content creation
  • Update followers, remove old irrelevant accounts, follow aspirational business accounts, potential customers, and other businesses you want to be associated with
  • Create a content calendar and plan out future posts
    • Establish a posting schedule - minimum 3 times a week
    • We recommend using planoly for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter
    • Or utilize the Rize content calendar template
Week 3:
  • Begin posting!
    • Engage with followers and accounts you’re following (liking, commenting, resharing etc.)
  • Continue developing marketing strategy
  • Plan and develop a marketing campaign
    • Giveaway, feedback etc.
Week 4-5:
  • Continue posting/schedule posts/ collect content
  • Execute marketing campaign
Week 6:
  • Continue posting
  • Conduct a closing audit
    • Did you meet your goals? Why or why not?
    • Document new levels of engagement, followers, and number of posts