Social Media Manager and Content Creator

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to improve social media presence, brand identity, brand awareness, and generate leads.

During the project, the Rizer will…

  • Consistently post, engage with followers, engage and share relevant industry content on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Create a content calendar and develop a social media strategy
  • Build a brand voice matching target customers in order to generate leads
  • Refresh preexisting collateral and turn information from the team into useful and attractive content and posts
  • Develop one monthly newsletter providing relevant content and engaging current and past customers

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is creative, outgoing, and works well in a team setting. The Rizer should come ready with new ideas in order to better develop the brand identity and generate leads through social media outreach. The Rizer is familiar with social media tools in order to be successful. The Rizer has strong writing skills and is able to create engaging content.


The Rizer will gain experience managing and creating content for business social media accounts. The Rizer will have the opportunity to help the business develop its voice on social media and through emailing in order to better generate leads. The Rizer will get to work closely with the CEO. The business will have better visibility and connectivity with its clients. If successful, this could become a longer-term engagement.

Timeline Detail

4 weeks, 6-8 hours a week Week 1: Onboarding and familiarizing with the company, culture, begin developing content and updating social media accounts Week 2: Plan and begin posting and connecting through social media. Start developing monthly email newsletter. Week 3: Continue posting and developing content calendar planning out future posts.  Week 4: Continue posting and engaging on social media platforms, execute newsletter