Talent Enablement Project Go-getter

Project Overview

This project includes being an integral part of the HR&Co. team by using creative ideas and skills to drive business results for our clients and to strengthen client relationships. The Rizer will be responsible for working on various projects, building and designing concepts, content and collateral creation, project management, and managing client communication. 

All key deliverables will have a projected start and are expected to be completed on a project timeline in an efficient manner. This project emphasizes and requires creativity, agility, independent decision thinking/making, direct communication and teamwork in order to provide the best service to our clients. 

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is either a junior or recent graduate with previous job experiences. Especially for recent graduates, this is a great way to connect and work in between graduation and finding a full-time position. The ideal Rizer thinks outside the box and can get things done quickly. The Rizer is someone who is eager to learn, deliver, and execute.  Someone that has previous business experience with a large emphasis on customer relations and communications. The Rizer should be able to take direction, work quickly, effectively, and independently within a time frame, and with an emphasis on creative solutions. The Rizer should work well independently and in team settings. The Rizer should be confident, ready and willing to share their creative solutions with the team. Because it is a virtual environment, you must also have access to a computer and internet. The Rizer needs access to the Microsoft Suite. The Rizer is looking to expand experience in HR, business, client success, and managing large-scale projects.


At the end of this 9-week project, the Rizer will have provided invaluable insight into client relationship management, shared creative solutions to problems, and created great lasting network connections through working with the HR&Co. team as well as our clients. There is the possibility of further employment and/or mentorship from the senior partner & managing director. This is an incredible opportunity to work very closely with the HR&Co team, learn valuable industry insight, and gain real-world experience. The student will get exposure to other industries and professions by working with clients.

Timeline Detail

EXPECTED START DATE 5/10 9 weeks  The Rizer will be required to work 10 hours for the first 2 weeks and 30+ hours for the remaining 7 weeks. The Rizer will coordinate and determine work hours with the project lead. Mainly, the Rizer will have the flexibility in order to finish their projects. They will also be required to attend at least 2 team meetings a week. In addition, they should be prepared to attend meetings with clients for any projects assigned. The time during the week will be determined based on the Rizer’s availability. Time management is critical for this project to be successful and for effective communication between the Rizer, the client, and us as well.