TikTok Outreach and Content Creator

Project Overview

This project includes creating an outreach plan to connect with micro-influencers on TikTok, show and sell the benefits of the Flipstik, featured on season 12 of Shark Tank, and ultimately engage the influencer in a relationship with the product. The Rizer will identify the target audience for Flipstik, and help put together a specialized “press box” for influencers interested in using the product in their videos. Secure at least 10 micro-influencers, 20k followers minimum, to send press kit, and receive influencer video using the product in return.


Additionally, the Rizer will be tasked with creating their own unique TikTok content – including videos of themselves and their friends using the product in fun ways around town, campus, and in various situations.

Ideal Student

The Ideal Rizer is a self-starter, tech-savvy, creative, and outgoing. The Rizer is skilled at TikTok and is comfortable reaching out to micro-influencers. The Rizer takes instructions easily and works well independently.


Form working relationships with at least 10 TikTok micro-influencers and work with the Flipstik design team to create a personalized press box that fits the influencer’s brand. Create and share content showing real-world use of the product, spreading popularity among young adults. Learn from a successful entrepreneur about the creation of the product and how to keep up with the growing and changing market demand.

Timeline Detail

7-10 hours a week - excluding TikTok creation time Week 1: Onboarding, learning about the product, and understanding the target audience. Create and post 1 TikTok. Week 2: Begin outreach to micro-influencers, create and post 3 TikToks. Weeks 3-4: Continue outreach and develop relationships with influencers to get them engaged with Flipstik. Create and post 6-7 TikToks a week.