Video Editing

Project Overview

During this project the Rizer will edit five hours of interview video footage down to four, five-minute videos for the client’s youtube channel, “Wish I Had Known”. The Rizer will be given the unedited video and details of the desired content to be pulled from the original. The Rizer is responsible for editing the clips together in a digestible and pleasing way for viewers. The Rizer will also create an eye-catching intro for the video series. If the project is successful, the Rizer could continue for ongoing editing work.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has a background videography and video editing. The Rizer works well independently and has a keen eye for additional important clips outside of the specified content.


The Rizer will develop their video editing skills and work closely with the client to learn more about their mission. The client will receive four (4) clean cut and edited interview videos ready to post on YouTube.

Timeline Detail

Timeline: 4 weeks, 5 hours a week Timeline Details: Rizer will utilize time wisely to complete the project within the timeline.