Web Development and SEO

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will be responsible for creating landing pages for two small New Orleans businesses utilizing a web development platform.

  • Barkode – bar and lounge
    • Create a simple landing page with information about the location, menu, specials, and links to social media pages
    • Work with social media management Rizer to create consistent branding across platforms
  • Tip Top Snowballs
    • Create a simple landing page with photos of the location and current offerings, updated hours, contact info, and social media links

*Note: This project will be managed by Rize. The Rizer will meet with both clients, but report to their Rize Project Manager with any questions, progress reports, and feedback. Please do your best to answer the application questions given the limited online information about the businesses.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer has strong design skills and will work to learn how to boost a website’s SEO. The Rizer knows the power of a user-friendly and easy-to-find website to boost sales and traffic. The Rizer is creative and open to feedback.


The Rizer will boost Barkode and Tip Top’s online presence significantly. The Rizer will boost their SEO therefore increasing activity and sales.

Timeline Detail

10-12 hours a week Week 1: Onboarding, meeting with the clients and project manager, finalizing plans and goals for the project. Decide on web dev. platform. Week 2: Begin designing and developing websites. Collect content from clients. Week 3: Continue developing website. Check in with Rize project manager and receive feedback. Share progress with client and make adjustments. Week 4: Research SEO and begin highlighting key phrases to boost optimization. Week 5: Final week of development. Finalize website design and development. Week 6: Final meeting with clients and Rize manager to formally present work.