Website Design – sub-brand

Project Overview

During this project, the Rizer will inventory utilize recently created brand guidelines to create an informative, engaging, and user-friendly website. The website will be hosted on Siteground, a WordPress-based platform. The website will be a basic infrastructure and overview of the company with 5-7 pages total (who we are, what we do, contact form, etc.)


The Rizer will utilize past content to create updated and refreshed website content to fill in appropriate pages as discussed with the manager. The website will be appealing and accessible to customer base of drug testing companies.

Ideal Student

The ideal Rizer is detail-oriented, time sensitive, and a problem-solver. The Rizer has writing and design experience and feels comfortable making decisions that best supporter a customer’s journey.


The Rizer will create an attractive and engaging website with 5-7 pages. The Rizer will create well-written content to provide Applicant Info with a great website.

Timeline Detail

10 hours per week, or as soon as project is completed  Week 1: Discovery process, understanding target customer, exploring themes Week 2: Developing written content, choose website theme Week 3: Finalize written content, utilize brand guidelines to create website Week 4: Review and test all aspects of website for final completion Target date of completion is early April 2022.