Let’s talk…

Developing a unique solution for your needs with technology and personalized service

Our three-step solution:

  • Your personal Rize Agent will join an initial call to discuss your business and see how Rize can potentially help you connect to students, grow your company, and accomplish goals
  • Following the call, your Agent will design a detailed project listing for you. Our focus is to allow you to test out talent and your project structure through an initial short-term project. After your first project, there are three directions you can go
    1. Continue a similar project, possibly rehiring a previous Rizer
    2. Develop new or additional projects that further your business development
    3. Reevaluate and develop a new project structure with your Agent
  • Our team works to find a variety of vetted students that fit your project requirements. Once students have applied to your project, you can easily search through and interview applicants through our portal.